Why Is Regional Driving with Truline a Great Choice for You and Your Family?

September 28, 2022   |   Posted by: Truline News Reporter

Truck drivers are the backbone of the United States. Supplying our nation with the goods it needs to sustain our lifestyles and life itself is a tall order and with it comes great pride in what we do. The trucking industry has evolved over the past decade. From new regulations protecting the safety of the truck driver to advancements in technology making driving trucks easier, things have changed – and for the better. If you have your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and have some experience driving, now is the right time to consider a rewarding career in regional truck driving.

See what our team has to say about what it’s like to work for Truline:


What are the benefits of being a regional truck driver for Truline?

There’s a big myth that truck drivers are never home: they’re always out on the road while their family stays at home. Sure, it’s not uncommon to find cross-country and even international truckers in service today, but Truline’s operation is regional short-haul. What benefits does this provide to you as a driver?

We understand the importance of family – we’re a family-run company ourselves – so we’re proud to provide our drivers with regional runs that give them the advantage of being home most nights. Weekends are also off for the majority of Truline drivers, so you can focus on your family, rest when needed, and bring the positivity of that balance to your work.

“What we offer is more dedicated models where drivers can work basically a Monday through Friday and maybe have the weekend. Stay within three, 400 miles of their home. So if something happens, they’re right there, they can get home every day,” says John Crago, VP of Operations.

Our truck drivers also gain a variety of benefits including flexible schedules, company-paid insurance, paid vacation and holidays, and retirement plans. Drivers also receive gas cards, paid orientation, sign-up and performance-based bonuses, and no-touch freight. In addition, those interested in advancing their careers have excellent opportunities.

Many Truline drivers enjoy the peace and independence gained from driving. As Tony Serpe, a driver for Truline, put it: “As long as you give me the keys to a truck, you give me my load. You leave me alone. I’ll retire from this company. And here I am 10 years later, still at it.”


What should I expect as a driver for Truline?

As a regional truck driver, it’s more than simply ensuring you’re getting your freight from point A to point B. Our drivers on the regional routes are vigilant go-getters with the ability to work independently while earning a rewarding career driving the latest rigs such as refrigerated trucks and flatbeds.

Newer trucks are safer and easier and more pleasant to drive. International and freightliner loaded automatics technology and systems are making drivers safer on the roads and the trucks comfortable. As a regional driver, you can expect added onboard safety systems such as backup cameras, lane assist, dynamic routing including real-time information on traffic and weather conditions, and blind spot assist systems.

“We drive all these new trailers. The flat beds and all the equipment [are new]. How much nicer can [Truline] make it for us? I mean, that’s why I stay here,” says driver Warren Wagner. It’s not quite the entire reason Warren has stayed driving with Truline for over 13 years. “It’s knowing you’re doing something for this team. Everybody has an important job here to do so it just makes that job so much easier knowing that you go to bed, you did your job, you get up in the morning and you’re actually excited to do your job and go back to work.”

Truline carries a vast fleet of premium trucks, from flatbed to refrigerated truckloads, that provide unparalleled service to our customers as well as unmatched possibilities for our drivers. Truck driving jobs from Truline mean more than just getting behind the wheel – we go the extra mile to offer a challenging, rewarding career as a professional driver. With our flexible scheduling, you can still have time with your family or whatever it is you love to do in your spare time. We’re one of the most trusted names in regional trucking across the country, and we stand by our commitment to our drivers and our customers. Reach out to learn more about how we’re paving the way for the trucking industry.

From our family to yours: we’d love to meet you!

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