Overall Service

Truline Corporation has been providing regional truckload services throughout the Southwest for over 50 years. Our service offerings have changed over that time but our goal of providing consistent quality service has not. As our services have changed so has our regional footprint. Truline can provide dedicated services throughout the entire US. For van, refrigerated, or flatbed service please contact us for more information.

Flatbed Service

Truline began as a flatbed carrier hauling wallboard throughout the Southwest. Today we still provide flatbed service but have expanded into the Midwest and continue to grow our core business. Our flatbed fleet continually exceeds our customers’ expectations with quality on-time service. Our drivers are true professionals and have years of experience in safely hauling and securing flatbed freight. For more information please contact us.

Dedicated Service

Truline’s Dedicated Transportation Solutions are customer driven. We work with each customer to understand their needs and develop solutions that produce results. Solutions include equipment purchases spec’d to meet a unique needs, hiring drivers to provide consistent capacity, and providing on-site management to coordinate all shipping activities. Each solution is unique to the customer but finding the solution that provides quality service, value, and capacity is what Truline specializes in. If you are looking to convert a private fleet, switch dedicated service providers, or start your own fleet please contact us.

Refrigerated Service

Truline’s refrigerated division can provide you with a variety of climate control options from -20 degrees to freeze protect. We monitor every refrigerated trailer for both location and temperature. If needed our staff can remotely adjust the temperature of the trailer or alert the driver to any temperature variation. If you are looking to ship hard frozen product or keep your product chilled from shipper to receiver please contact us for more information.