The Southwestern Lifestyle: Nevada edition

May 8, 2024   |   Posted by: Truline News Reporter

When our new drivers tell their friends that Truline is a stone’s throw from Las Vegas, they say our drivers are living the dream. And they’re right, but not for the reasons they think.

The Nevada lifestyle is actually suited to spirited, outdoor-loving people. If you’re a truck driver who’s eager to explore the outdoor world too, then Nevada is the right place. Sure, Vegas is fun, but that’s a story for another day. Nevada truck drivers get to enjoy a bounty of great hiking, boating and skiing (yes, you read that right) whenever they’ve got a break from the road. 

Read on to see what Nevada life has to offer once you’re off the clock.


Hiking Nevada

Nevada’s red deserts and mountains make for fantastic hiking. Better still, there are hiking trails suitable to all abilities, from beginners to seasoned experts. If you’re a truck driver looking for ways to balance out your sedentary job, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here you can hike between Aztec sandstone, abandoned railway tunnels and towering cacti.  We’ve rounded up several notable hiking trails, all within an hour of our Henderson headquarters:


Skiing Nevada

Believe it or not, yes, you can ski in Nevada. There are the ski resorts of Lake Tahoe, of course. But did you know the high altitudes of the mountain peaks surrounding Las Vegas actually get cold enough in winter to produce great skiing conditions?

Less than an hour north of Las Vegas lies Lee Canyon Ski Resort. Tucked away in the mountains, it’s a skier’s paradise. With 27 runs, and almost 200 acres of terrain, there’s a trail to please every skier. Lee Canyon offers summer activities, like mountain biking and axe throwing, making it a year-round place to escape.

Boating and Fishing

Boating and Fishing Nevada

No, Nevada isn’t all arid desert and sunbaked rock. There’s a surprising number of rivers and lakes (some man-made) that offer the perfect escape for a truck driver with a day off. With so many located just 30 minutes from our Henderson headquarters, drivers don’t have to look far for a great day on the water. Here’s a few of our favorites.


Camping Nevada

A night of camping under the Nevada stars is something every truck driver should experience. If you’d rather sleep in an actual bed, don’t worry: there’s lots of RV camping and cabin rentals available too. We get it: sometimes you want to get away from some of it all, but not all of it all.

If all this sounds like the dream life, why not make Nevada life your reality? Check out our current opportunities and start driving for Truline today.

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