February 2019

February 1, 2019   |   Posted by: Truline News Reporter

In February, Truline signed a dedicated agreement with one of our large manufacturing customers for dedicated capacity servicing Southern and Northern California on a multi-year basis.  This committed capacity will provide good stable, predictable work for at least the next three years.

Truline was recently awarded the “Yard Hostling and Yard Management Services” contract for a newly opened distribution center in Henderson, NV.  Along with the yard management contract, Truline was also awarded all of the delivery routes in the Southern Nevada, Southern Utah and the Arizona River Stores.  Truline added 20 new trucks and 40 new trailers to the fleet to support this new business and hopes to grow the account over time.

Truline renewed its carrier agreement with a large multinational brewing company, insuring the continuation of our relationship that spans 37 years.  In addition to renewing, we were also awarded a significant increase in weekly load tenders. 

In February, Truline announced a significant increase in driver wages, as much as an 11% increase.  With this increase, Truline is an industry leader in helping raise driver’s compensation to a level commensurate with the job.   

February – Truline is proud to announce Travis Vaughn as our Driver of the Year for 2018.  Travis has been with us for nearly 10 years.  He currently works on our dedicated package delivery fleet, usually pulling triples into Utah.  He has been a great help to us this year filling in on the fleet wherever he may be needed.   He and his wife Virginia have been married for 23 years.  They are parents of four children.  In addition to his driving duties, Travis is also the lead pastor at Israel, The Church of Jesus here in Las Vegas.  Drivers of the Year are selected for being outstanding professional drivers in all facets of their responsibilities.    Traditionally drivers of the year are awarded a Mexican cruise or the cash equivalences.    CONGRATULATIONS to Travis; his efforts are greatly appreciated! 

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