Dining on the Dash: A Guide to Tasty Roadside Meals

September 26, 2023   |   Posted by: Truline News Reporter

Dining on the Dash

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We all know how the open road can work up a mighty hunger. Roadside diners do have their charm, but they’re not always there when you need them. Whipping up your meals can be a game changer for both your health and your pocketbook. Don’t fret, we’ve got some simple and delicious recipes perfect for the cab kitchen. Let’s get cookin’!

Truck Stop Tacos:

Grab a pack of tortillas, a tin of refried beans, some shredded cheese, and salsa of your choice. Heat the tortillas and beans with your handy portable stove or microwave. Add beans, sprinkle cheese, and crown it with salsa. Quick, simple, and tasty!

Roadside Wraps:

Wraps are versatile and easy to make. You’ll need tortillas, your choice of deli meat, cheese, and veggies. Just layer everything on the tortilla, roll it up, and enjoy a meal that’s both tasty and nutritious.

Highway Hot Dogs:

Classic hotdogs are a go-to for drivers, but you don’t have to settle for the cold, turning truck stop wieners. Just use your portable stove or microwave to heat the hot dog, tuck it into a bun, and layer on your favorite toppings. It’s a classic!

Rig Runner’s Ramen:

Instant ramen noodles are a classic quick meal. To make it healthier, add some frozen veggies and pre-packaged cooked, sliced chicken for extra flavor and nutrition.

Dashboard Dining Deli Salad:

Buy a pre-packaged salad mix and top it off with some deli meat and your favorite dressing. It’s fresh, it’s quick, and requires no cooking at all!

Trucker’s Trail Mix:

For those peckish moments between meals, having a homemade trail mix on hand is perfect. Mix nuts, dried fruit, and maybe a handful of chocolate pieces for a quick and satisfying snack.

Interstate Oatmeal:

An easy and nutritious breakfast option that you can customize to your liking. Instant oatmeal packets are portable and simple to prepare–- just add hot water. You can top it with anything you like, such as dried fruits, nuts, or a dollop of yogurt.

Open Road Open-Faced Sandwiches:

All you need is some whole grain bread, your favorite spread (like hummus or avocado), sliced deli meat, and veggies. Pile your ingredients on the bread, and you’ve got a nutrient-packed meal that’s easy to eat while you’re parked.

Cab Coffee:

Don’t forget about your caffeine fix. A good thermos with a built in pressurized coffee brewer can help you brew a nice cup of joe anytime you need it. 

The open road awaits and so does a wealth of culinary delights. So, why not whip up these meals and make your cab feel even more like home when you’re hungry? And if you’re eager to make a new turn in your career, consider Truline. Explore the opportunities on our careers page and take the first step towards a work-life that’s as fulfilling as it is exciting.

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