Best Truck Stops In New Mexico

December 8, 2023   |   Posted by: Truline News Reporter

New Mexico     

New Mexico may be the “Land of Enchantment”, but only if a truck driver knows where to stop for a rest. Fortunately, this beautiful state has plenty of great truck stops. We’ve rounded up our favorites based on location, amenities, parking and food. Take a look and get ready to enjoy your next haul through the southwest.

Love’s Travel Stop, Gallup, New Mexico

New Mexico

You didn’t think we’d start with anything but Route 66, did you? This Love’s Travel Stop has all the standard amenities, but its spot on the Mother Road is what makes it special. So why not stop for the night and check a stay on Route 66 off your bucket list?

While you’re there, stroll over to the nearby Navajo Travel Center to shop their collection of Native American arts and crafts. They’ve got a great collection of Route 66 memorabilia as well. With showers, laundry and lots of parking, this Love’s is the best place to stop before crossing into Arizona.

Flying J Travel Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico

With a view of the mountains and a spacious, clean trucking center, this is one of most scenic places to stop in New Mexico. Grab a delicious meal, freshen up and watch a spectacular sunset. There are also more than 30 truck parking spots that can be reserved in advance. There’s also plenty of food options both in the center and a short walk nearby. Tacos, anyone?

Black Mesa Travel Center, Laguna, NM

New Mexico

Conveniently located halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, Black Mesa comes fully loaded with everything you need.  Its exclusive truckers’ lounge feels more like your buddy’s vacation home, with comfortable couches, Wi-Fi and big screen TVs.  There are also showers, a laundry room, a supply store and a great restaurant. Plus, there’s always lots of overnight parking if you need to call it a day. Be sure to step outside and take in the mountain views, too.

Russell’s Truck and Travel Center, Springer, New Mexico

New Mexico

After a regional truck driver’s long day on the road, Russell’s is a sight for sore eyes.  While it’s recently been purchased by TA, its old-school diner still remains in all its chrome glory. Sit down for a meal and enjoy some diner favorites, while enjoying a view of the distant mountains. There’s also showers and a roomy parking area, a store and fast-food options. If you’re stopping for the night, Russell’s is surprisingly quiet as well.

Lisa’s Truck Center, Moriarty, New Mexico

New Mexico

As soon as you see the Route 66 mural painted on the exterior, you’ll know Lisa’s is a throwback to truck stops of old. Located close to Albuquerque, you’ll find showers and laundry facilities. You’ll also find the Country Pride restaurant with hearty portions of delicious food. The breakfast burritos, smothered in green chili, come highly recommended! With lots of parking for big rigs, Lisa’s is a trucker’s haven for cleaning up and taking a rest. 

These are just a few of the great truck stops in New Mexico. Did we miss any? Don’t be shy, let us know…and check out our current job opportunities while you’re at it.

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